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How Much Auto Insurance Should You Have?

How much are you paying for auto insurance? You know you need to carry it because it is the law, but who says you have to be spending so much money on it? What would you do if I said you did not have to be paying all that money for car insurance? Granted, it is true that in the majority of the United States you are required to carry at least minimum liability insurance. See the key word there, minimum liability insurance. So, why are you paying for full coverage if the state says that you can carry minimum? Whether you pay minimum or full really depends on your situation such as if you lease or own. Many places from which you lease from will require you to carry a certain amount of insurance which is usually closer to full insurance than minimum insurance. The thing with minimum liability insurance is, any damage that you do or that is done to the other person will be covered. If they have at least liability insurance then the damage they cause to your car will be covered by theirs. The morale of the story is, you not have to carry full insurance if you don’t need it or required to have it because of a lease. Each level of insurance has a different deductible amount therefore, you can knock your bill even further down which in turn, will reduce your premium. Some of the factors you need to look into before dropping your full coverage include: Do you own the car or is it on a lease? What is the value of the car you are looking to drop your full coverage on? Know what will be covered and what will not be covered. After you take into account all of these factors, and only then, can you make a qualified decision on whether or not to go to collision only.

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